Film made as part of the CINE-VLOG 2020 Manifesto

In Search of Hawaiian Bigfoot The Maui Skunk Ape


This award-winning film was made as part of the CineVlog Manifesto, a new hybrid genre cinematic vlogging style and was also a personal challenge to show his son that a film can be made with a micro-camera. With that, in mind, "marQ" armed himself with a GoPro Hero 8 and DJI Drone and went on his epic quest to uncover the lore behind the Maui Skunk Ape. “marQ” captures some of the beautiful scenery and trails around Maui. “marQ” feels that sometimes one needs to just go out and make a film with whatever equipment they have and not wait years on end to get funding. Enjoy it while it’s fresh in your mind.

Taking to heart Francis Ford Coppola’s famous quote- “Suddenly, one day some little girl in Ohio is going to be the new Mozart and make a beautiful film with her father’s camera and for once the so called professionalism about movies will be destroyed forever - and it will really become an art form.” 🤙🦨🦧🎥
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